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The Jimmy Watts Band – Tech Specs Ph: 0408 585 626

Specifications are for a 3 piece line up comprised of:

Jimmy Watts - Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, and harmonica

Todd Orchard - Drums

Mike Leo - Bass (electric)


Inputs =  5 + Drums:

1x Vocal, clean, no effects in monitors

2x Acoustic Guitar DI’s, run simultaneously

1x Guitar Amp Mic’d , run simultaneously to the 2x Acoustic Guitars

Note: There are 3x lines out of each acoustic guitar that Jimmy uses.  Please blend together to achieve optimal sound.

1x Bass Guitar Amp – Line Out/DI

Drum Kit – Mic to suit venue


Ideally 4 separate monitor channels with the following mix:

Monitor 1 (Jimmy) - Vocals only, no effects

Monitor 2 (Jimmy) - Guitars, (if loud stage, also bass & kick)

Monitor 3 (Mike)  - Guitars, Vocals, Kick

Monitor 4 (Todd) - Guitars, Vocals, Bass (Kick if loud stage)



More Detail


- Vocal mic, SM58 preferred, channel to be left clean in monitors.

- 1st Acoustic Guitar Channel, all acoustic guitars run through this channel from their under saddle pick up. They run through a Boss eq20 pedal into an acoustimax pedal, which will send relatively similar output levels straight to the desk/DI. Unless there is an engineer riding the monitor levels for the entire show, please keep the monitor eq’s relatively flat.

- 2nd Guitar Channel, all acoustics also run through this channel from a sound board bug pick up, if something’s going to feed-back it will be this, it’s ok to take this out of the monitors if it’s causing problems.

- 3rd Guitar Channel, Guitar amp, prefer an all valve professional quality 2x12 amp with lots of clean headroom.  Standard Vox AC-50 or the like. Mic according to venue.  This channel runs off the neck pick ups in Jimmy’s acoustics, runs at the same time as the 2 acoustic channels.

- 2x 240v power sources, one near vocal mic and one at rear of stage for amp.

- 1 monitor minimum, mix of vocals and guitars (If loud stage may also require bass and kick).


Mike Leo:

Bass Amp

- Professional quality bass amp with minimum 150w power, preferably 15”cone.

Line out, and built in compression and Graphic EQ preferable.

-1 monitor minimum, mix of vocals and guitars (If loud stage may also require bass and kick).

-2x 240V power source, one down stage, one at rear of stage for amp


Todd Orchard (drums) requires:

- Professional quality drum kit, in tune.

- Monitor mix, guitars, vocals (if loud stage also bass and kick)

- Please ensure drum kit is tuned!


It is always appreciated if you can email us specifics of provided backline that will be on stage ahead of time, and also any details of what you require us to bring (eg:snare/cymbals, gtr amp etc)


Please ensure the FOH and Monitor engineers are well fed and suitably buzzed before our set so as to stimulate their best work....this also applies to any additional stagehands, volunteers and the audience; we sound a lot better if everyone working on the show is happy and well taken care of!

Please send all queries to:

Ph: 0408 585 626